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BlueConnect I/O Module

Art. no. 486 CI00 - BlueConnect I/O Module

The BlueConnect I/O Module offers a modular approach on the expansion of the input and output interface capabilities of the BlueBox System. In addition to the integration of data, BlueConnect I/O Modules can be used to output data to external PLCs or to perform the control tasks such as switching valves or pumps. The control task is realized via the PLC functionality of a controller of the BlueBox system.

1x CAN bus (Protocol GO Systemelektronik)
1x Modbus (Protocol GO Systemelektronik, freely available)
1x Selected I/O variant

Functions & Features
Bus Connectivity Can bus Modbus
CAN bus / Modbus Interface
Modular & Expandable
Expansion of a Measuring System
PLC Integration & Functionality
IP Protection
IP 66 Weatherproof
Technical Data


Selectable option

Art. no.
2x 4-20 mA Output
2x Relay Output (24 VDC; 2 A)
2x 4-20 mA Input
2x Pulse Input (PNP/NPN selectable)
Modbus RS232 (12 VDC; 6W)
Configuration example Art. no. 486 CI00-AO2


Output for external PLC
Output for external PLC
The BlueConnect I/O Module enables to output data of a BlueBox System controller to an external PLC.
If the available output interfaces of a BlueBox controller are not sufficient, they can easily be extended by placement of an additional BlueConnect I/O Module.
Output for control tasks
Output for control tasks
The BlueConnect I/O Module can be utilized in combination with the PLC functionality of the BlueBox System to perform control tasks. The output modules allow to perform tasks like switching valves or pumps.
The logic for theses tasks can be programmed by using the corresponding software.
Input for integration of data
Input for integration of data
With the help of the BlueConnect I/O Module external data or signals, for example those of sensors, can be integrated into the controllers of the BlueBox System.
The modules allow for a decentralized placement. Hence, the BlueConnect I/O Module and the controller do not need to be in the same location.