GO Systemelektronik provides a broad spectrum of products in the field of on-line measurement and control systems.

We offer a comprehensive supply from individual sensors to complete solutions. Our products are build to form a modular and scalable system that can be easily customized for most different needs.

product Range
Produkte Sensoren 
We offer sensors for on-line monitoring of a wide range of water-quality parameters. Our sensors are designed for use in a variety of application areas and installation conditions.
An integration of our sensors into third-party  controllers or external PLCs can easily be achieved.

UV/Vis Spectrometers
UV/Vis Spektrometer Produkt Kategorie 
Our range of UV/Vis spectrometers for in-situ measurement allow for the simultaneous determination of a variety of parameters with a single optical sensor. The utilization of chemometric methods allows for the comprehensive analysis of a multitude of water properties, contained suspended solids, as well as dissolved substances.
On-line Analysers
BlueMon nasschemischer Analysator 
Our BlueMon on-line analysers provide wet-chemical analysis designed for low-range and high accuracy nutrient detection. With our BlueMon analysers up to six sample lines can be measured automatically and thus eliminate a time-consuming and costly manual determination in the laboratory.

Measuring & Control Systems
measuring and control systems 
Our measuring & control systems act as the central interface for the integration and connection of sensors, modules and actuators. The available bus system enables to set up complex measurement & control systems and allows to easily link different components together. Measured data, events and alerts can be transferred via internet and conventional interfaces.
Smart Modules
Smart Modules 
Our Smart Modules allow for the modular expansion of our measurement systems via a CAN bus network. The modules not only enable the integration of additional sensors such as pH and ISE electrodes but also  offer additional  I/O capabilities.
For stand-alone applications modules with a Modbus output are also available.

Zubehör Produktgruppe 
Our accessories allow you to easily integrate our sensors and systems into your process and ensure the proper operation. With our available software and cloud solutions you are capable to configure, program and calibrate  your controllers and sensors, as well as visualize your measurement data.

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