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Measuring & Control Systems

Our measuring & control systems act as the central interface for the integration and connection of sensors, modules and actuators. The available bus system enables to set up complex measurement & control systems and allows to easily link different components together. Measured data, events and alerts can be transferred via internet and conventional interfaces.

The  BlueBox System is a modular and expandable base for projects of all dimensions. It allows the management of up to 300 sensors and actuators.
With the help of the BlueBox as a central interface, the integration and connection of further systems can easily be accomplished. A connection via internet or mobile networks facilitates the transmission of measurement data and results at any time and allows for remote access and control of the system.

Functions & Features
monitoring function
Monitoring Function

Control Function
Control Function

Modular & Scalable System
Modular & Expandable

Our Measuring and Control Systems

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