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Environmental Monitoring

The monitoring of environmental parameters makes it possible to provide information on the quality and development of water properties. The collected data serves, for example, as an information system for the development of legal guidelines and for monitoring compliance with them.

With the use of the on-line monitoring measuring devices from GO Systemelektronik, even temporary changes can be reliably detected. On the basis of innovative data communication, it can be guaranteed that the necessary actions can be taken even at short notice.

De-icer Aalzburg Airport 
Salzburg Airport uses an ISA UV/Vis Spectrometer to monitor the TOC contamination of the surface water runoff, caused by de-icing and antifreeze agents used during winter time.

INTCATCH 2020 Schwermetall Boot 
Read more about an application for the detection of heavy metals using one of the autonomous surface vehicles of the INTCATCH project.

INTCATCH 2020 Umweltüberwachung Boot 
Find out how well our spectrometer was able to perform in a validation study done by the University of Natural Rescources and Life Sciences in Vienna.

Environmental measuring station Elbe 
Since 2012 GO Systemelektronik runs an environmental measuring station on the Elbe in cooperation with the Hamburg Institute for Hygiene and Environment.