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BlueMon - Online analyser

The online analyzer BlueMon provides wet chemical analytics exeeding the capabilities of electrochemical sensors. Up to six parameters can be measured automatically and simultaneously with self-calibration. With this technology an online monitoring is possible for values previously measured time-consuming and costly by manual lab work.

The BlueMon analyzer is the optimal solution to combine the control, monitoring and alert transmission functionalities of a BlueBox system with the capabilities of wet chemical analytics.

Functions & Features
DIN Method Wet-Chemical
Measurement According to DIN Methods
Configurable Measurement Procedure
Configurable Measurement Procedure
Monitoring Function
Monitoring Function
Calibration Monitoring (SQI)
Automatic Calibration
Up to 6 Measuring Channels
Up to 6 Measuring Channels
Automatic Cleaning
Automatic Cleaning
Control Functionality PLC
Control Function (PLC)
remote control remote access
Remote Access & Control
Intelligent Event Handling
Intelligent Event-Handling
BlueGate cloud data service
Cloud Data Service (BlueGate)
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