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Capture all data online and retrieve it encrypted in real-time from our secure cloud. Rely on the fact that an alarm will be triggered in the event that limits are threatened - very quickly and easily, for example by SMS or e-mail. GO Systemelektronik has been developing and producing solutions for these and other tasks in Kiel for over 25 years.

Wemake liquids transparent

We make liquids transparent!

We have focused on the measurement and recording of parameters in water. So if it is about measurement, analysis or monitoring in fresh and waste water, the corresponding process monitoring and control technology or environmental monitoring - we are your partner!


GO Systemelektronik offers on-line monitoring solutions for a wide range of applications. The modular and scalable properties of the BlueBox system allow an optimal adaptation of our products to the different requirements of the respective areas.

drinking water
Drinking Water
environmental monitoring
Environmental Monitoring
Process measurement and control technology
Process measurement and control technology
pulp & paper industry
Pulp & Paper Industry
Research Projects
Research Projects

Our product portfolio

GO Systemelektronik offers an extensive range of products in the field of on-line measurement and control technology. Our extensive range includes everything from individual sensors to complete systems. Our product solutions are based on a modular and scalable system, which can therefore be optimally adapted to the most diverse requirements.

Controller unitSensorSmart moduleComplete systems

GO Systemelektronik offers complete systems for online monitoring in the fields of waste water, drinking water, process measurement and control technology and environmental monitoring. Our core business focuses on the production of hardware and software solutions with the aim of meeting the needs of our customers. In addition, GO Systemelektronik offers individual solutions for the OEM market, which are specially tailored to the application-specific requirements.

The development and manufacturing of our products is 100% Made in Germany.
Together with our international partners we offer a worldwide distribution of our products.

BlueGate data communication

The BlueGate Cloud Data Service automatically backs up all data and provides remote access to the measurement data via any web browser. The Cloud Data Service provides live viewing, visualization, and the ability to export data. BlueGate can also be used to set up alarms, such as notification when a limit value is exceeded. All communication between the measuring systems, BlueGate servers and customer interfaces is encrypted.