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The BlueBox System

The measurement and control system BlueBox is a modular and scalable basis to implement projects of all sizes. It allows to manage hundreds of sensors and actuators, to perform most complex instrumentation, control and automation functions and it provides reliable monitoring.

Data and event messages can be transmitted via networks and mobile telephone systems, with the software products providing visualisation and control up to complete SCADA systems all layers of data acquisition and control for water processing are implemented.

In addition to the stand-alone operation using the build-in color touch screen, all components of the BlueBox family are designed to be connected based on TCP/IP and signaling by a wide range of transmission technologies including landline, mobile and satellite systems. The range of functions includes visualisation and control in control centers, alert messaging via short message service, FAX and email and the secure transfer of data in external databases. GO Systemelektronik is competent to apply the latest technologies and provide our customers with both cutting-edge and reliable solutions.

Even the most innovative and modern control and monitoring system stands and falls with data quality. GO Systemelektronik provides not only current communication and information technology but also long-term experience in reliable and precise measurement engineering together with appropriate control and analysis methods. With this unbroken competence across the entire spectrum from the sensor to a web portal the reliability of data and function is ensured.

With BlueBox you decide upon a system of prefectly matched products including a comprehensive service. The GO Systemelektronik team will advise you about appropriate components and methods during the planning stage and provides active support during implementation. After commissioning we are available at all times to provide maintenance, support and expert advice - from a sensor to a web portal.

Functions & Features
monitoring function
Monitoring Function

Control Function
Control Function

Modular & Scalable System
Modular & Expandable

BlueBox System Sensor & Actuator Network

Access & Backup
in the Cloud
Finally it is important to maintain a constant overview and to take advantage of the information availability. Our data service BlueGate achieves a secure aggregation and provision of current and historical measurement data of remote installations. The service combines a data bank and gateway service to provide an additional level of data backup and visualisation, as well as monitoring and control via a uniform portal
– even with current mobile devices.