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BlueSense Intelligent transducer

The values from physical and chemical sensors are collected and conditioned by the BlueSense measurement transducer. A BlueSense transducer includes also a complete controller function, with this combination of intelligent transducer and controller all process-related functions are avaliable.

On two channels various sensor types with analogue and digital interfaces can be connected. Both for the choice of sensors and actuators there is no vendor-lock-in by design - the vendor independence ensures full flexibility.

A SD-Card as storage device provides a straightforward way for long-term datalogging and makes data export simple. The demand for documentation and quality control can be met already at the signal transducer layer. There is no need for additional tools or devices to collect the data. The same applies to configuration, data readout and management with the touch screen control. Therefore full standalone operation is possible.

Functions & Features

BlueSense functions features monitoring PID controller function sensor input modular expandable Can bus Modbus Profibus

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