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UV/VIS - Spectrometers

The ISA and BlueScan Spectrometer Systems allow for a simultaneous acquisition of multiple parameters with only one sensor in a small form factor. These compact UV/VIS spectrometers provide both standard water quality parameters and additional substances and water properties applying modern chemometrical methods.

The detection is not limited to a few bands, instead the whole spectrum from ultraviolet to near-infrared (200-720nm) is detected and analyzed. Solutes, suspended matter and other water properties can be characterized thoroughly. This is not limited to common values like e.g. nitrate, organic carbon (TOC) or chemical and biological oxygen demand (COD, BOD) since modern chemometrical methods are permitting the assay of various other components.

The new Calibration Monitoring feature based on a Spectral Quality Index (SQI) is a new technology introduced to absorption spectroscopy by GO Systemelektronik. This allows an automatic adaptation to water matrix variances. With this there is a significant increase in measurement reliability and with this a lower risc of false alerts in water monitoring systems.

Functions & Features
monitoring function
Monitoring Function
Calibration Monitoring Spectral Quality Index (SQI)
Calibration Monitoring (SQI)
Automatic Cleaning Function
Automatic Cleaning

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