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Emission limits relating to waste water are becoming increasingly important on an international level. For this reason, the determination of the concentration and composition of wastewater is necessary, especially for treatment plant operators.

Therefore, certain parameters in waste water treatment plants should be observed continuously. Another important point is, that the recorded measurements are available in real time. Thereby it is possible to notice changes in concentrations and to react at once.

Inlet wastewater treatment plant 
Find out more about monitoring the influent of a municipal wastewater treatment plant, in which the chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonium (NH4) and total nitrogen (N-total) are simultaneously recorded in the hazardous area.

analysis house inlet biology 
Find out more about how to use the ISA UV/Vis spectrometers for monitoring the influent of the biology. A municipal wastewater treatment plant uses them for the simultaneous determination of the chemical oxygen demand (COD) and ammonium (NH4), as well as separate monitoring of an industrial direct discharger.

analysis house effluent wastewater treatment plant 
GO Systemelektronik supplied the measurement technology for a municipal wastewater treatment plant to implement the monitoring of the effluent at the outlet of the plant. For this purpose, a spectrometer was installed for continuous measurement of COD, NOx and PO4-P.