GO Systemelektronik


Our Service

We offer service support through our own qualified service team, as well as our international network of service partners.

Phone: +49 431 5 80 80-17

Searching for a manual?

Our download area allows you to download all desired documents at any time.

Service partners (worldwide)

Our international network of service partners offers on-site service support in your region. The service quality of our partners is ensured through regular participation in one of our service trainings. Only highly qualified service partners are awarded the Certified Service Center status.

If you can't find a service partner in your area please contact us directly.

Remote Service HelpDesk

With our TeamViewer service platform you have the opportunity to take advantage of our remote service support. Please contact our service team in advance, in order to arrange an appointment. After you receive an invitation you only need to download and run the TeamViewer software. The software provides us with remote access and helps us to give you the best possible support.

Please let us know what we can help you with. We will gladly arrange an appointment with you! You can contact us via service@go-sys.de.

Return of devices

In case your device needs to be returned for repairs or exchange, please take note of the instructions of the RMA info sheet. Please use the form included in the RMA info sheet to ask for a RMA number in advance. Additionally, take note of further instructions in relation to the decontamination declaration.