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Calibration Monitoring (SQI)

Calibration Monitoring Spectral Quality Index (SQI) Threshold

The Calibration Monitoring feature provides a real-time evaluation of the trustworthiness of measurement readings by means of a Spectral Quality Index (SQI). The SQI indicates how well the calibration fits to the current water matrix. The lower the SQI value the better the calibration will fit to the water matrix. A calibration with a SQI above the threshold value of 4 leads to a lower measurement accuracy. The feature enables the determination of the Validity of the Calibration and allows for the Automatic Selection of the most Suitable Calibration. With this unique feature for all of our UV/Vis Spectrometer Systems, it is possible to obtain an on-line quality detection of the spectrometer results and ensure the proper operability of the system.

Available for the following products:

Validity of the Calibration

The SQI serves as a quality index that allows to determine how likely it is that the calibration is correct. Based on this information it is possible to distinguish between the occurrence of 3 potential cases and to assess whether action is required.


Automatic Selection of the most Suitable Calibration

Based on the SQI it is possible to set up an automatic selection of the best suitable calibration settings. Thus, ensuring the optimal adaption of the system to changing conditions, by enabling the intelligent switch between different calibrations for different water matrices.