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Functions & Features - UV/Vis

Find out more about the different functions & features that are available for the UV/Vis Spectrometer Systems of GO Systemelektronik.

Functions & Features
monitoring function
Monitoring Function

Calibration Monitoring Spectral Quality Index (SQI)
Calibration Monitoring (SQI)
Automatic Cleaning Function
Automatic Cleaning

ATEX Certified
ATEX Certified

Intelligent Event Handling
Intelligent Event Handling
BlueGate Cloud Data Service
Cloud Data Service (BlueGate)
Adjustable Optical Path Length of the Measurement Head
Adjustable Optical Path Length
Temperature Resistance deployable up to +110°C
Deployable up to +110 °C
No Consumables
No Consumables

Robust Design
Salt Water Resistant

Modular & Scalable System
Modular & Expandable

Open System Open Access to Settings and Calibrations
Open System

Remote Access & Control
Remote Access & Control