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BlueConnect Sensor Module

Art. no. 486 CS00 - BlueConnect Sensor Module

The BlueConnect sensor module enables the conversion of analogue sensors into the digital world. In addition to the simple connection of sensors to the BlueBox system via CAN bus, sensors can also be integrated directly into a PLC via Modbus. The necessary protocol is freely available and all necessary settings can be configured via the associated free of charge PC software.

1x CAN bus (Protocol GO Systemelektronik)
1x Modbus (Protocol GO Systemelektronik, freely available)

Sensor elements are not included in the scope of delivery.

Functions & Features
Digitalisierung Analog Digital
Digitalisation of Analogue Sensors
PLC Integration
Plug & Play
Plug & Play [Smart Sensor]
Modbus Sensor Identification
Modbus Sensor Identification
Technical Data

Selectable option

Art. no.
Analogue pH with/without Temperature (PT1000)
Analogue ISE (e.g. NH4 or NO3)
Analogue Redox (ORP)
Galvanic Oxygen [GO]
Modbus [GO]*
 *BlueEC, BlueTrace, Optical Oxygen Sensor
Configuration example Art. no. 486 CS00-5


Digitisation of analogue sensors
BlueConnect Modbus PLC sensor digitisation
The BlueConnect Sensor Module effortlessly brings an analogue sensor into the digital world. Once the sensor has been connected, the converted data can be read out via Modbus RTU (RS485). The associated protocol is freely available, enabling a direct connection to a PLC or a Modbus master.
If a sensor is used that must be calibrated at certain intervals, the BlueConnect can be connected to a laptop and calibrated with the associated free of charge PC software.
Integration into the BlueBox-System
BlueConnect Bluebox System sensor
The BlueConnect Sensor Module enables the cost-efficient integration of an analogue sensor into the BlueBox system via CAN bus. If no Modbus interface is available, the module can also be used to connect digital sensors. The BlueConnect is equipped with three cable connections for simple wiring and further looping of the CAN bus connection. This allows a straightforward set-up of complex measuring systems.
Expansion of a measuring network
BlueConnect Extension of Measurement Network Power Supply Sensor
The BlueConnect Sensor Module also offers the convenient option of providing a power supply for the connected sensor. For extensive measurement networks, the distance between controller and sensor can be increased by installing a BlueConnect. If, in a complex measurement network, the power supply cannot be guaranteed by a single power supply unit, the BlueConnect can supply part of the measurement system with an additional power supply unit.