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Functions & Features - Multi-Parameter-System

Learn more about the extensive functions & features of th Multi-Parameter-Systems.

Functions & Features
monitoring function
Monitoring Function

The Multi-Parameter-Systems provide a compact solution for the integration of various sensors in modular flow-through armatures and serve as the central interface for all monitoring applications. The configuration of the integrated sensors can be customized according to the required specifications.
In addition, the integrated measurement and control systems allow the connection and management of extended sensor networks and to carry out the collection, calculation and handling of the measured data.
Control Function
Control Function

All Multi-Parameter-Systems feature an extensive PLC control functionality that allows to easily manage processes of all scales, from the simple switch of a valve to more complex industrial applications. In addition to the integrated relays, it is possible to effortlessly connect and control external actuators, like pumps, valves or motors. The availability of virtual sensors, for example for the calculation of averages, further extends the control capabilities of the system. The system provides a straightforward approach to write control commands even for complex processes.
Automatic Cleaning Function
Automatic Cleaning

The Multi-Parameter Systems can be equipped with an automated ultrasonic cleaning system for the turbidity armature. The cleaning prevents the settling of dirt particles or clogging and thereby reduces the service efforts and ensures the operability of the system.
Modular & Scalable System
Modular & Expandable

The Multi-Parameter-Systems feature a modular concept for the customization of the integrated sensor configuration. Through the individual arrangement of sensors in flow-through armatures, the system can optimally be adapted to the specific application.
Naturally, additional components can easily be connected to expand the system. Through a field bus system (CAN bus) the Multi-Parameter-Systems can be expanded at any time with other modules, sensors and actuators. Of cause the systems feature all of the usual interfaces and protocols to communicate with other PLC or SCADA systems
UV/Vis, Spectrometer, Intelligent Spectral Analyser, ISA
UV/Vis Spectrometer

The Multi-Parameter-Systems allow for the integration of a UV/VIS Spectrometer, which is housed in a flow through armature and features a fixed optical path length of 30 mm. With the spectrometer it is possible to simultaneously determine a variety of parameters, such as BOD, COD, TOC, TSS, etc. with only one single measurement.
Intelligent Event Handling
Event Handling
With the help of the flexible communication possibilities of the BlueBox-System it is possible to transmit events locally or via telephone, network, mobile network, and satellite, if required through redundant paths, in a swift and reliable manner. All usual services like SMS, email, FAX and network protocols are available for the transmission. Response times for alarms and events can thereby be minimized and the reliability of operation can be optimized.
BlueGate Cloud Data Service
Cloud Data Service (BlueGate)
The BlueGate cloud data service automatically backs up all data and provides remote access via any web browser. The service offers a live data view, visualisations, and the and ability to export all measurement data. BlueGate also allows to set up alarms such as notifications for the exceedance of thresholds. All communications over public networks between BlueBox - BlueGate - and customer systems are encrypted.

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Fieldbus, Can bus, modbus, profibus
Can bus,
Modbus & Profibus
With the help of the Multi-Parameter-System as a central interface, the integration and connection of further modules, sensors and actuators can easily be accomplished. The available bus systems enable to set up complex measurement & control systems and allow to easily link different components together.

CAN bus
The Can bus facilitates the seamless connection of additional modules and other products of the BlueBox family. New components are automatically recognized according to the plug & play principle. Thereby, the CAN bus connection makes it possible to set up extended systems, even over long distances.

The Modbus connection can be used as an interface for various I/O's. For example, it can serve as an output to transmit measurement values to a PLC system, or for the direct connection of sensors.

The Profibus serves as an interface for the output of data, for example for the transmission to PLC or SCADA solutions.
Plug & Play, Smart Sensor
Plug & Play
[Smart Sensor]
The Multi-Parameter-Systems are part of the BlueBox system and apply the Plug & Play principle to ease the integration of new components. Newly connected modules, sensors and other products of the Blubox family are automatically recognized and do not require a manual set-up.